This is what the iPhone SE 4 could look like

We are already starting to talk about the iPhone SE 4. This one would have the same design (and probably, almost the same characteristics) as the iPhone XR released in 2018.

Released in 2018, the iPhone XR is one of the first iPhones to ditch the chunky bezels and home button in favor of a design that allows for a better body-to-screen ratio and on which the front sensors are positioned on a notch. 
© Apple

Apple will present the iPhone 14 series in a few days, during a keynote scheduled for September 7. But while all attention is focused on the launch of this new series, the first rumors about the iPhone SE 4 are also starting to circulate.

As a reminder, the iPhone SE is Apple’s line of affordable smartphones. It is with these models that the firm competes with devices such as the Pixel 6a, the OnePlus Nord, or the Galaxy A53.

The latest model, the iPhone SE 3, was released this year. And this one has been the subject of fairly good feedback since it is a relatively affordable iPhone, but it packs the same power as the iPhone 13, thanks to the presence of the A14 Bionic chip.

The iPhone SE 3 is also compact and therefore suitable for those who are not comfortable with XXL screens. On the other hand, it does not benefit from any innovation in terms of design, since the iPhone SE 3 has exactly the same design as the iPhone 8 (with the huge borders and the home button), a model released in 2017. Its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2 released in 2020, already had the same design.

The iPhone SE 4 would have the same design as the iPhone XR

The good news, or not, is that the next affordable iPhone should no longer have the same design as the iPhone 8. In any case, this is what is suggested by an article published by our colleagues from 9to5Mac, who relays a statement by YouTuber Jon Prosser, during an intervention on the “Geared Up” podcast.

According to this source, the next iPhone SE would look more like the iPhone XR. Thus, Apple would finally abandon smartphones with large borders and a home button.

Unfortunately, Prosser does not give all the details. But from its statement, we can predict that the iPhone SE 4 should therefore have the same 6.1-inch LCD screen (compared to 4.7 inches for the iPhone SE 3) as the iPhone XR. And if Apple does not break with its traditions, the iPhone SE 4 should have more or less the same characteristics as the iPhone XR, but with a recent processor.

On the one hand, it would allow you to have an iPhone with a modern design without breaking the bank. But on the other hand, some Apple fans might regret the compact size we had with the iPhone SE 3 or the iPhone 13 mini.

As for the release date, it should be remembered that normally, Apple releases a new iPhone SE every two years. And if the Cupertino company maintains this cycle, we should expect the release of the iPhone SE 4 in 2024.


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