Substack: Twitter suppresses links to rival platform

Twitter is once again blocking links to other platforms: this time it’s Substack. The service recently announced a kind of competitive offer to tweets.

Elon Musk’s Twitter is trying again to make it more difficult for its users to interact with a competing online service: links to the Substack blog platform have been blocked since the weekend. A few days ago, Substack announced an innovation called Notes that could become a competitor for Twitter.

Substack with a competing offer – links allegedly “unsafe”

Links to content on Substack are blocked with the reference that they have been classified as potentially unsafe. “We hope that this action is due to an error and is only temporary,” the founders of Substack wrote in response to the incidents.

Twitter owner Musk, who also acts as the sole spokesman for the platform after the press department was dissolved, initially did not comment. Musk paid around $44 billion for Twitter and, after a slump in sales, is trying to boost business with subscription income, among other things.

With Substack, everyone can publish their texts and also market them as a newsletter in a subscription model. Among other things, some well-known journalists became self-employed and earn money with subscriptions, such as Seymour Hersh. The authors used Twitter to direct their followers there to the Substack posts.

Twitter also used to have a newsletter platform called Revue, but it shut down after Musk acquired it in the fall. Many Revue users then ended up at Substack.


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